Paulay Ede utcaAzonosító: 0190

290 000 EUR
Type of Property:Lakás
Méret:141 sqm
Number of Bedrooms:1
Number of Bathrooms:1
Available From:Immediately
  • Riasztó
  • Klíma
  • Lift
  • Legfelső emelet
Although this property is currently not available, please feel free to contact us with any questions

Property Summary

An absolutely unique and breathtaking apartment is for sale in Budapest. The apartment is designed by the one of the best and most renowned interior designers in Hungary, with extraordinary but elegant, subtle, and clear interior solutions. The apartment is 141 sqm, with an incredibly spacious, loft-like living and dining area, a cast iron bathtub, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a large kitchen area. The most exciting spot in the apartment is that the walls of the old ventilation shaft has been replaced with glass, making the all interior spaces clear and bright. The apartment can easily be turned into a 2 bedroom property, should the buyer's needs require more bedrooms. The apartment is situated on the top floor of a historic building located in Paulay Ede street, just off the iconic Andrassy Avenue, in an exceptionally central location, yet quiet and away from Andrassy's traffic. This is a real city dwelling simply done right. For more information, a layout on this property, or to schedule a viewing, please feel free to contact us.

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