Hidden treasures of Budapest - The Károlyi Garden

Budapest is a true capital with many famous sights attracting tourists. At the same time, there are places that only locals really know, but are real treasures such is the Károlyi Garden (Károlyi-kert) in the iconic district V. Despite its busy surroundings, its small size and the tall buildings around the park make it easy to miss.

Hidden treasures of Budapest - The Károlyi Garden

The park is one of the oldest gardens in the city center, one of the rare palace-gardens. The park area is only 7625 m². It is bordered by the Karolyi Palace from the West side. Nowadays the Petőfi Literary Museum is located in the building. The palace and its garden belonged to the Károlyi family in the 18th century (both were named after the family).  From 1932 it opened its gates to the public and operated as a public park.


This garden resembles the English garden-style. It is a great place for quiet picnics and easy walks. In addition to the relaxing green environment, there are two playgrounds for families with children. The garden is located between the Astoria and the Ferenciek tere, with easy access by M2 and M3 metro lines. If you want to take a short break from the buzzing city, visit the garden for sure.




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