Budapest became the fourth most Instagrammable place in Europe

According to the Big 7 travel website, Budapest is the fourth most Instagrammable place in Europe this year. The city is ahead of many popular touristic destinations like London, Paris or Barcelona on the list.

Budapest became the fourth most Instagrammable place in Europe


Only Dubrovnik in Croatia, Iceland, and the Scottish Highlands preceded the Hungarian capital. Approximately 1.5 million community memberbase of the magazine and several travel experts participated in the evaluation. In addition, the website analyzed Instagram hashtags for each European country, as well as its main cities.

A few months ago, the site listed some of the most impressive places in Budapest. Here they are:

  • the Széchenyi Bath,

  • the Fisherman's Bastion

  • New York Cafe

  • Aria Hotel

  • the Szechenyi Chain Bridge

  • the Vintage Garden restaurant


Tourists visiting the capital also contribute to the transformation of the real estate market. Airbnb remains one of the most popular forms of accommodation for travelers. The most favored are apartments for rent in the Downtown and the inner districts. There is no wonder because the most attractive, iconic tourist attractions and the most beautiful streets of Budapest are located in these areas.


We have already published a post about the expansion of Airbnb in Budapest, check it if you want to get to know more about the recent Airbnb tendencies and residential property investment possibilities of Budapest.


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