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Free property evaluation in Budapest

free property evaluation Budapest

For property owners, whose properties are located in the inner districts of Budapest, our real estate agency offers a free property evaluation service. We provide a free personal consultation, and after the inspection of the property, our real estate agent will prepare an evaluation.  We take into consideration, among other things, the location and the district of the property, designation, in case of condominiums, the condition of the building, the layout, the condition, and the features of the property, and the many factors the real estate market is driven by. We generally do filtered market research and of course, our most important data points come from the experiences of our own sales and rentals.


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Property sales in Budapest

Here's another bit to consider: the average person sells a property every 15 years or so. Real estate agents can sell 15 properties a year! Admittedly, real estate agents have a bit more practice with every step of the whole sales process - be it dealing with utility companies or authorities and land registries, the psychology of sales, a good eye and vision for space, and knowledge of the local real estate market. Not to mention, we have to keep ourselves updated with legal and tax regulations and possible government subsidies and other mortgage opportunities. 

Also, think of the timing: would this be important for you when trying to sell your property? Would it matter if you sold your house in six months or under a couple of weeks?

Our real estate agency specializes in selling high-value properties in the inner districts of Budapest. For maximum return on your investment, we know how to show your property – online and in person.


Our Budapest-based professionally trained and licensed real estate consultants can help you through the sales process, organizing and scheduling showings, keeping track of the clients, buyers, interested parties, getting the highest offers for your property, and finalizing and closing the best deals for you.   

Property rentals in Budapest

We all want the best yields for our investment, and that is especially true for buy-to-let properties. Wouldn't you want the highest possible rental fees and the best tenants? Of course, you would, and that's why we are here: to make sure that you do get the highest rent and the best tenants. 

The 20 plus years of experience we have on the rental market and the and hundreds of rental contracts we sign each year ensure that we know the current prices, trends, and tenants on the market at any given time. 

Our connections with several multinational companies and institutions help us find the trustworthy tenants you deserve. 

Our real estate agents' knowledge and experience will guarantee that you'll get the best conditions on a rental deal.


Professional treatment isn't an option, but our standard






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